MANEX 2018

Luxurious management expedition in the exotic Icelandic nature

MANEX 2018

Luxurious management expedition in the exotic Icelandic nature

All of us can trace significant positive changes in our lives to singular moments. This leadership journey into the stunning vistas only Iceland can offer will be one of those inflection moments. Trek with an expert guide alongside three amazing management thinkers. Soak in the nature, the grandeur, the inspiring scenery. Your mind will be opened to new possibilities … by the surroundings and by the discussions.

Be inspired

During the expedition that will take you through some of the most beautiful nature scenes in the south of Iceland you will enjoy the company of three very respected management thinkers and you will have a chance to be inspired by them, discuss ideas and share your thoughts and experiences.

Some of the scenes you will enjoy include close encounter with the glacier and notorious volcanic mountain Eyjafjallajokull which in 2010 blocked all the air traffic in Europe, 4×4 jeeping in glacier rivers, hiking in spectacular landscape and visiting the mystical volcanic island Vestmannaeyjar populated with around 4.000 inhabitants and over 1.000.000 puffins.

Be inspired by the Icelandic nature and the original management thinkers Paul Akers (author of 2 Second Lean), Jean Cunningham (author of Real Numbers) and Richard Sheridan (author of Joy Inc.).

Be surprised

The expedition is a full three-day, three nights tour that includes hiking, 4×4 jeeping, a helicopter ride and sailing. All accommodations are high level and food is made of fresh local resources.

Tired of the conventional conference settings? Get ready to be blown away by the exotic Icelandic nature and highly respected thought leaders and management innovators that have achieved amazing results and influenced business leaders all over the world!

Be transformed

The expedition is aimed at high level and senior executives that can take their better half with them and/or management groups that want to experience something new together.

Be informed

For more information and if you have any questions please visit or contact We will also help you with anything connected to your stay for example flight arrangements and hotels both before and after the expedition.


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